Smart City Solutions

Getting Smart

Kamisoft’s vision is a future with sustainable, green cities, governed by the citizen initiatives. We use a range of innovative IT solutions to collect the relevant data and consult our clients on how to create data-driven policies thus improving the quality of life and increasing citizen involvement in the governing process. Our areas of expertise are:

  • Ecology
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Public safety
  • Open governance

Step-by-step to Smart City

We design, develop and commission the IoT solutions for smart cities while guiding and consulting our clients through the whole process. Unlike the industry, cities have more complex stakeholder structure and for a successful implementation of the smart city project it is essential to cover all the basis. Thus, we stick to our custom step-by-step approach:

  • Assessment of the policy context
  • Providing expertise on good practices and new trends
  • Drafting feasibility study
  • Development of a tailor-made IT platform
  • Defining key performance indicators
  • Data collection
  • Consulting based on KPI & Analysis
  • Facilitation of policy processes
  • Capacity building for policy implementation and management of the IT platform

Smart City Challenges

So far, the major obstacle for a wider adoption of smart city solutions have been technical issues with sensors for data collection. Less than optimal power consumption and limited sensor communication capabilities were the reasons for the very high system costs. The current boom of IoT devices is driven by the emergence of a new wireless communication technology LPWAN (low power wide area network – LoRaWAN, NB-IoT) which we now use on our custom sensors for different smart city applications.

City Energy Management

  • Power performance calculations
  • Energy monitoring for different consumers in the city grid (city blocks, power/water substations, water facilities, heating facilities, schools, hospitals, oil and gas consumers)
  • Energy sources comparative analysis, predictive cost planning and optimization
  • Energy trends and KPIs with drill-down analysis

City Ecology

  • Monitoring emissions of CO, CO2, radon (Rn) and other hazardous gases; real-time calculations of CO2 footprint and real costs; early warning, threat analysis, prediction models and alarm management; comparative analysis for the same-type sources
  • Monitoring of waste containers and real-time optimization of garbage truck routes and disposal frequency; calculation of real costs; type of waste statistics and analysis; prediction system based on machine learning algorithms
  • Monitoring of pipe leakages and collector clogs

 City Safety

  • Snow level information
  • Monitoring of water quality and utilization of secondary and waste water
  • Prevention, early detection and exact location of fire and explosion hazards in tunnels
  • Prevention, early detection and exact location of fire and ice within city electrical grid and transmission lines
  • Early detection and exact location of overloads in transmission cables in the city grid
  • Monitoring pipeline integrity and flow assurance (heating/water/gas/oil) by determining the exact point of leakage, fire, ice or explosion and early detection of third-party interference
  • Monitoring well integrity on geothermal power plant installations
  • Detection of landslides, faulty tracks or third-party interference within railway infrastructure (cable theft prevention)

 Citizen portal and mobile app

Tailor-made mobile app seamlessly connected to the smart city data cloud offers the information about:

  • Pollution/CO2 emissions for every city block
  • Real-time warnings of potential hazards (fire, explosion, collision) with exact locations
  • Energy trends in the city (for a particular city block, school, hospital etc.)
  • City policy changes
  • Real time warnings of traffic problems, infrastructure works and interruptions in power, water, gas or heating supply
  • Citizen initiatives, suggestions and reclamations