About Us

Big Data and Machine Learning for industries and smart cities

We are a team of engineers and software developers with respectable experience in MES/MOM systems, industrial automation, PLC/SCADA, Industry 4.0, Big Data, Machine learning and IoT projects. Our software development services include frontend development, backend development, mobile development and quality assurance testing. Since our beginning we strived to bring to our customers the most efficient solutions through optimal combination of our engineering experience, market knowledge and best practices using the latest up-to-date technologies such as Angular, React, Vue.js, Mongo, Java, Spring, JavaScript, Python, C#, .NET, Elastic Search, SQL databases, HTML5, CSS3, Ionic, Microservices architecture, JSF, Hibernate, Application Servers (JBoss, Glassfish), Oracle 10g, Machine learning, Deep learning. By creating quality IT tools, tech consulting and policy advices we provide turn-key solutions for optimizing business organization, manufacturing process and city governance.