Industry Solutions

Smart factory with Nara MES

Nara is an elegant, modern and fully customizable SaaS and WebApp MES solution. Our modular design allows tailor-made functionalities for every user and seamless module upgrades in the future.

Nara MES modules

Production management

  • Automatic downtime detection with complete analysis and classification of downtime reasons
  • Customized dashboards for real-time decision making
  • Configurable production KPIs with drill-down option
  • Operator and maintenance reports and logs

Energy management

  • Power performance calculations
  • Energy consumption for different energy sources
  • Energy trends and KPI with drill-down
  • Seamless connection with Production management module

Lab and Technology

  • Lab reports
  • Recipe management
  • Data import from third-party lab software

Alarm management

  • Production alarms
  • Energy consumption alarms
  • Optimal performance alarms (KPI alarms)
  • Complex alarms (user configurable alarms)
  • Multilevel alarming (operator, supervisor, management)
  • Email and SMS alerts
  • Alarm analysis

Quality management

  • Process maps and diagrams
  • Quality analysis and reports
  • Management and distribution of documents
  • Hierarchical detailed drilldown
  • Versioning, sharing, history
  • Internal and external audits, system audit, process audits

Traceability (standard or blockchain)

  • Active traceability solution with production monitoring and event-based Quality Analysis
  • Batch numbers and serial numbers as a source for traceability, product tracer slip
  • Orders from ERP – reconfirm results and decisions
  • All information and events per serial number (history, device record, tasks and actions)
  • Tracking a particular package with a unique identifier such as a barcode, QR code, or a RfID transmitter.

Other possible modules:

Inventory management

Employee management

Planning and Analysis

ERP Integration

Tailor-made modules