Smart Factory Solutions

Nara – Tail your own software

Completely modular and configurable software Nara provides comprehensive information and supervision of the entire cycle of any kind of production process. Modern development approach and latest programming technology enable Nara to have many advanced features and functionalities such as:  custom dashboards for different users, multiple user rights levels, OS independent clients, direct connection to the third-party software and factory floor equipment, easy ERP connection, simple updates and system expansion etc.
Tailor-made solution for every manufacturing process Nara allows you to choose one or more different modules, and even design your personal module in order to adjust your solution to your exact needs. Taking step-by-step approach towards full MES solutions by adding one module at a time, is a benefit which provides cost savings and gives even more sense of security to our customers during the implementation process.

Nara modules:

  • Production management
  • Energy management
  • Lab and Technology
  • Alarm management
  • Quality management
  • Traceability and serialization
  • Inventory management
  • Employee management
  • Planning and Analysis
  • ERP Integration